Saturday, 30 April 2016

iOS 6 Panorama Camera Mode -Cons and Pros

iOS6 is the latest launched mobile operating system of Apple. It is a pleasure for the users that they can avail ios6 panorama camera mode. Users can get panoramic photos in their iOs 6 through the en suite camera application.

Panoramic Photography:

Panorama is a system of photography. In a panoramic photo the captured images come with lengthened turf of view. Having the panorama camera mode 240 degree stunning panoramic pictures can be captured. The main functionality of this camera app is to gather several photos and darn it to make a panoramic picture. A panoramic photo is a great approach to share a wide shot of scenery, or to capture a giant group of people at a counter.
Panorama camera Mode in iOS 6:
Yet it is known that iOs6 panorama camera mode is available still how to get the panorama in iOs 6is a common query. Well there are some easy steps following which one can easily get the application. The steps are lined up below

First one needs to start on the camera application.
Hence the person needs to tap on the OPTIONS button at the top.
Along with the Grid and HDR toggles in the plunge down menu a new panorama button would be found. Person needs to tap on the button.
After hitting the panorama button the camera is ready to click. The camera app will bring in new onscreen instructions during shooting.  A smooth arrow will appear there and one just needs to move around the arc steadily. If the person does not want to spend a lot of time at a place; the instruction will automatically request to hold up the speed of motion. this panorama camera mode allows the users to the stop shooting at any point of time.

Quality of Panorama camera mode in iOs6:

The outcome of panorama camera mode in iOS6 is quite impressive. The stitches offered are very close to aptness but there is always a chance of betterment in the image quality.

Problem with panorama camera mode in iOS6:

The main problem of the panorama camera mode is with their size. The usual size of the file is more than 15MB yet it is able to be ascribed to very high resolution of panoramas shot with the camera application.  But despite this problem iOs6 panorama camera mode has actually enhanced the demand and the craze of iOS6 to the next level.

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