Thursday, 11 February 2016

LG reveals first details on the new G5

The LG G5 will be equipped with an always-on display. the manufacturer will offer a new HTC Dot View Cover similar protective case as an accessory. In addition, the LG G5 through the Geekbench. 3
After LG , the presentation of the G5 a week ago officially announced , it has betrayed first details of its new flagship. The LG G5 is also surfaced in a benchmark test.

A LG on his Facebook page the released and image According to the G5 as well which is Samsung Galaxy S7 be equipped with an "always-on display". The feature is with Nokia Glance screen  to compare or Motorola Ambient display. Users can select the time and alerts retrieve, without turning the entire display.

Moreover, the presented smartphone maker before the new QuickView cover for the G5. It is the Dot View Cover from HTC are similar. The case will be like that of the Taiwanese semi-transparent and the touch functionality of the new protective cover of the LG K10 offer. The QuickView Cover thereby allows to take calls or change the alarm settings without having to open the cover. In a portlight smartphone owners are thanks to the always-on displays also the time and notifications can also get at Case closed.

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