Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Miracle Phablet In The Future

Recent years, the electronic market dominated by smartphones. Very high demand for smartphone products beat other electronics. Samsung as one of the largest electronics companies in the world do not want to lose to take this opportunity. And today samsung can control half smartphone market share.

In 2011, Samsung released its first phablet called “Galaxy Note”. Then in subsequent years appeared successors of the Galaxy Note. And now, the latest news is Samsung will release Galaxy Note 5 which is rumored to have the most advanced specs.

The smartphone manufacturers usually speculate on unreleased product features and specifications. Likewise with this Samsung galaxy note 5. Reportedly this phablet, carrying the most advanced specifications that have not been found in other phabet.

Samsung galaxy note 5 rumored to be using octa-core processor plus of Exynos quad core unit (total of 12 cores). Screen 6 inch super AMOLED plus (having 2K resolution). Galaxy note 5 uses the latest Android OS is Android 5.0 Lollipop. RAM capacity of 4 or 5 GB.

Galaxy note 5 is also equipped with an outstanding camera with 20.9 MP sensor for the main camera and a 5 MP secondary camera. Batteries are used for 3400-3900 mAh. Galaxy note 5 also comes with S Pen stylus. Galaxy note 5 also comes with a new feature finger print sensors and retina scanner.

Are the specifications and features are actually realized? We’ll wait …

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