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Learn what the Moto X and how does the technology work force Strshild

The smartphone maker Motorola Moto X Force model in the Indian market yesterday launched. The global market for this phone Droid 2 has been named Turbo. Moto X-Force is the world's first phone Strshild display technology which has been used.

In the Indian market, the 32 GB and 64 GB Moto X-Force has been launched in two variants, where the price respectively to Rs 49,999 and Rs 53 999. 5.4-inch qHD display Moto X has been in force. The screen resolution is 2560 × 1440 pixels. Phone 810 Aॅktakor Kwalkaॅm Snapdragon chipsets have been introduced and it is 3 GB memory is available.
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Smartphone 32 GB, 64 GB internal memory and Qualcomm chipsets are common today. These specifications have seen in many phones. Its most striking feature of the Motorola Moto X-Force has seen first Strpruf display. The company claims that do not fall or be broken by throwing the phone's screen. The phone's display is a 4-year warranty, which in itself is a great thing can be said.

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Panrtu you know that the display of the Motorola Moto X Force which has been prepared by special techniques? Moto X Force Strshild techniques used in construction and development has been done by Motorola. The robustness of the screen display technology is used for the 5 layer.

Moto X force the upper layer of the screen, use the lens has been extremely strong, protective exterior lens, which the company is named. It has been designed and manufactured by Motorola itself. The screen being scratched or Dent (compression or subsidence) prevents.

The screen of the second layer of a transparent lens that is used is not easily broken. The company has named this layer lens interior. Such protection for the screen above two very strong lens is used.

Dual Touch technology has been utilized in the third layer. It has a touch-sensitive layer falling or stop working for any reason, even if the second touch layer itself is operational. This technology assures you that if for any reason, even if there is little damage to the screen, the touchscreen will continue regardless.

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Motorola Moto X-Force is a fourth layer of the display. The company has flexible display. The shock of it also feels a little bit so it will tolerate it. The final structure of the aluminum is used for the display. This layer provides robustness by adding the layer. Simultaneously, it is also assured of staying longer.

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Motorola's technology in its own special way it Strpruf and saw the first such attempt. The company provided very interesting information Mhuaya. According to the company, over 50 per cent of the world at least once by now, would have broken the screen of your phone. India is at the forefront in terms of breaking the screen. 65 per cent of mobile subscribers now have a break your phone screen.

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